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Caring for your skin. The importance of dry brushing. 



By Naturopath Kee

Beautiful skin comes from within. I spend a lot of time educating about the benefits of supplements, sunshine, diet and lifestyle to help vitiligo. Skin is a reflection of your general health. Imbalances on the inside show up on the skin.  
A holistic or whole body approach to vitiligo includes caring for your skin beyond applying a topical cream. Think about detoxifying the skin every day, with nutrient-dense soaps, exfoliating scrubs, pigment-producing creams and detoxifying dry brushing.

Dry brushing your skin has so many health benefits, including sloughing off dead skin and debris, increasing circulation, improving lymph flow and bringing bodily toxins to the skin’s surface. You remove a third of toxins through the skin. Every time you sweat, you are drawing toxins out of your body.  

Healthful skin begins with a glass of water upon awakening, which helps to flush out toxins that have settled in overnight. Before showering, take the time to dry brush for health. It only takes about 5 minutes to dry brush your entire body. Going in a clockwise motion, dry brush your hands, arms, shoulders and neck, working in the direction of the heart. Make sure you brush your back, in the same clockwise circular motion toward the heart. Then start on your lower limbs and feet, moving upward from the soles of your feet to the ankles, shins, knees, thighs and buttocks, all in a circular motion. Do not dry brush your face. 

After dry brushing, take an invigorating shower with pure and natural soaps that contain healing herbs and essential oils, without artificial colors or additives. Rinse well with water cooler than your bath. Once a week, use a healing body scrub that is rich in mineral salts and essential oils to help restore healthful skin. Once you’ve covered your entire body from the soles of your feet to your neck with an invigorating scrub, rinse with cool water. 

While your body is still moist, without drying fully, add healing essential oils and cream to your skin, rubbing in a circular motion while imagining your skin as perfectly healthy and disease or blemish free. Imagine your skin healed and free of vitiligo as you care for your skin. Have a cup of herbal tea to infuse volatile oils, minerals and live enzymes into your pampered, detoxified body. Once you’ve finished with this healing ritual, get dressed and seize the day with confidence, sunshine and glowing skin. 

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